Friday, December 28, 2007

The Ubiquitous New Year Blog

Heard the eternal footman
Bought himself a bike to race
And Greg he writes letters
And burns his CDs
They say you were something in those formative years
Hold onto nothing
As fast as you can
Well still pretty good year

The slightly depressing overtones of "Pretty Good Year" by Tori Amos is not representative of my pretty good year, but I love that song.

I don't do resolutions. I don't like the word for some reason. It's too formal and imposing. That and most resolutions people make are a tad shallow - to the point that they make them just to make them.

So I won't call them resolutions. I'll call them plans to attempt to do better. And I have several in mind for the coming year. I'm hoping (PLEASE LORD) that this will be a turn-around year for me. I'll finish my MT certification in Spring, so hopefully I'll be able to get out of this horrible Accounts Payable rut. I've already started eating better (thanks to my health-conscious Corey), and I plan to quit smoking after my physical in a couple weeks. Anyway, here they are.

* Quit Smoking - As I mentioned above, I'm going to ask my Doctor about the best options for quitting smoking. As soon as I have a good option and the prescription and/or the money to get the necessary accoutrements, I'll quit. And (I think I mentioned this before) for added incentive, if I'm quit for over 3 months, Corey's going to shave his beard off so I can finally see his whole face if only for a couple days.

* REALLY start cooking more and paying more attention to what I eat - I'm doing a lot better than I did a year or so ago, but it could still be better. I need to cook more and make sure I have leftovers for lunch, and start snacking on the right stuff and stop going to the Taco Bell after class.

*Exercise more - yes, Corey and I go hiking when we can and yes, I move around a lot and I park way back at the grocery store, but I need to do more. I'm not overweight or even really chunky at all, but I need to get into better shape - I have Yoga and Pilates DVDs just waiting on me at home. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get into a better routine and start doing at least a few minutes every day. Quitting smoking will help tremendously, because right now, working out on my mini trampoline just about kills me after like two minutes.

*Work on my Friggin' Writing more - I love to write. I love to think about writing. I love to talk about writing. I love to improve my writing. But I'm just not making the time. I get home from work or school and I'm completely drained and end up watching a movie or playing a PC game. I don't know why. I guess I just hate the idea of only spending an hour or two on it. I perfer marathon writing sessions and I feel like that's the only way I can really make progress. I just need to buck up and quit being so damn lazy.

*Be more frugal - I budget everything, but something in me gets inspired by the presence of a little extra cash in my account and I feel the need to spend it on something fun (i.e. a game, DVD, or CD). Because of this, I don't have internet at home, I haven't bought new clothes in WAY too long, and all of my shoes are getting ragged.

*Be less self-centered - I admit it. I am rather self-centered. That's not to say that I'm selfish. I just have a hard time thinking outside of myself. This needs to improve. I'm a lot better than I used to be, but I still have (a lot of) room for improvement. I'm not sure how to accomplish this, because I've been this way for nearly 30 years. I'm a little comforted by the fact that it seems to be inherited and by the fact that I realize it. But still. I need to do better.

*Finish those projects I really want to do - I have a table-top CD rack whose parts are stained on one side, and nowhere near being built. I have a slew of recipes ready to be typed up and put into a more convienient recipe book. I have an Organizational Manuscript that I have only begun working on. All of these things need to be finished. I just haven't had the time/motivation to get off my butt long enough to get going.

*Clean my effing apartment - and keep it clean. It's a MESS. A horrible mess. I haven't vacuumed in months, there's stuff strewn all over the place, Corey keeps tripping over shoes I've left out in the middle of the floor, there's a pile of books waiting to be put into a box, there's absolutely no empty spots to place things on my end table, and my bathroom is a wreck. I don't know how I manage to get everything so messy so quick. Sure, it may be a sign of genius, but it's also a sign of laziness.

So there's my list of improvements to make in the new year. I suspect this is the year where I finally act like the adult I learned how to be this year.

By the way - new blog on my livejournal (the one dedicated to my writing) if you're so inclined.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Good Stuff

But I won't sell no flowers no that ain't my gig
And I won't sell no cow, fish, fowl or pig
But I'll sell a bucket of peaches to Prine
'Cept he's got his own tree so he ain't shakin' mine

Corey and I were talking last night, and we realized that we sure do a lot of complaining considering how lucky we are. Yes, I hate my job and his is becoming more stressful. Yes, we are surrounded by crazy people with entirely too many made-up issues. Yes, we are poor. Yes, we're both busy. Yes, neither of us is where we want to be nor doing what we want to do.

But we really are so lucky. We have an amazing time together. We love each other and there's nothing complicated about our relationship at all. We have wonderful friends who we have a blast with (when they're in town), we're both healthy and vibrant and young.

So what's with all the bitching?

I've decided to dedicate this blog (on all my blogs) to Good Stuff only.

It's list time, people.

Things I like that are good:

- Being a mad scientist of the culinary persuasion. Experimenting with recipes is fun.

- Peggle, Chocolatier, The Sims, Civ 4 - I'm sorry, but PC games are fun and addictive and they make me happy.

- Coming up with new "project" ideas - whether it be the recipe book I want to put together, the quote book I want to play with, the table top CD shelf I want to build, or The Organizational Manuscript for one of my novels. It's all fun and it's all productive.

- When I'm actually able to stay up all night writing.

- Sitting in a coffee shop with a Wi-Fi connection, doing research, and sipping coffee; periodically looking up and seeing Corey being equally creative.

- Steak and Shake Friday nights

- Corey's zen face.

- When Krishna is in town and/or visiting her in Tallahassee.

- KITFO NIGHT with Misha!

- Canoe trips with NERA.

- Hiking trips with Corey.

- (leaving out buyer's remorse)

- "My Name is Jorge" by The Gourds

- Rediscovering the brilliance of an album I haven't listened to in a while.

- Playing with PrintShop and Publisher.

- Watching Arrested Development


- Realizing that my Mom REALLY does value my opinion.

I could keep going forever here - and now I feel better.

Hope y'all do too.

Now - in all their glorious Silliness - The Gourds doing "My Name is Jorge"

What would you most like to see on my new website for unpublished writers?