Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have Come to a Decision

I'm going to Kennesaw State for the MA in Professional Writing.  I'm so tired of this constant state of stagnation.  I need to use my brain to the best of its abilities and I've missed learning new things for years now.  The plan is to pay for the GRE next month and schedule it within a month or two.  In October, I'm going to the Graduate Open House.  I'll apply either soon before or soon after that.  I hope to start in 2011 - maybe Spring.  I need to pay some credit cards and things off before I start.  Will also need a new car to make that drive every day.

The one thing that scares me is the whole money thing.  Work and supporting myself and paying rent and eating.  I know I won't be able to do all the classes at night.  I'm hoping my current office (or new one if I get a new job) will be flexible and let me work part time or come in at night or something.  I'll figure that out when I get to it.  But it's decided.  I have too much going on in my head to be wasting away like this.  It's incredibly frustrating.

Other Things:
- I don't know why, but music is hitting me harder lately.  Maybe this is a sign that the muse is starting to sing.

- I admit that I have seen two Twilight movies and read the first book recently.  I hate that I really enjoyed them.  But I did.  The writing is dreadful, the grammar atrocious.  But the characters are interesting and the plot sucks you in like all dreadful pop culture things most people consider a guilty pleasure.  It's an agonizing pleasure for me.   There's something fundamental in all the Bella/Edward stuff that appeals to some deep kernel of something in the heart of most women, I think.  This could just be me justifying my enjoyment.

- I reread the beginning of one of my novels last weekend.  I wrote it last year while I was unemployed.  The writing was slow and tedious as I recall.  I really took my time and took care to get everything just so, keeping in mind some new style rules I'd assigned myself.  The result is the first thing I've written that I don't want to completely rewrite.  There are a few changes I probably need to make, but nothing big.  Was very pleased with myself.  Now I just have to work on getting past the part where I'm stalled.  I'm ciphering about it and I think I may be close to solving the problem.

- I've been something of a recluse lately because I'm broke, but it's been good for me.  I think we all need those little spans of time.


  1. I'm so excited to read that you're going to school!!! I'm thrilled, and even a bit jealous. Whatever the obstacles, the important thing is that you've set the goal and you WILL DO IT!

  2. thanks for your enthusiasm, Mary. :^) I'm excited too. I want to start NOW. Alas.

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  4. Good morning! Thought I'd start your day with an award:

  5. It is often that creative, thirsty people wonder why life is not satiating enough. I am THRILLED to read that you are pursuing a degree. Congrats! That is what I did. It took my time in a degree program to remember how to use my brain again. Best of luck to you!


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