Monday, June 25, 2007

My Freedom from Tyranny - at Least for a Week

Tom do this Tom do that
Tom, don't do that
count the cash, clean the oven
dump the trash
oh your lovin
is a rare and a copasetic gift
and I'm a moonlight watchmanic
it's hard to be romantic
(sweeping up over by the
cigarette machine
sweeping up over by the cigarette machine...)

Who can not love Tom Waits just for those lyrics alone?

In any case, as stated above, I am free from the tyrannical gaze of my control freak of an office manager. Last week she reached new heights of obnoxiousness and control freakage. Can you believe that she actually tried to get a poor innocent accounts payable girl (who was just trying to do her job and pay the invoice we'd sent) to wait over a week for a W-9 form?! For those who aren't familiar with what that is, all it is a form that customers get from vendors that has the vendor's tax ID number on it. All my office manager had to do was type in our tax ID number and fax it. But she tried to make the girl wait. I can't even begin to figure out why it was such a big deal to her. Shoot, she could have just had me do it. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm so pleased with the peace in the office today that the day has been going rather quickly. It's just so nice not to have a hyperactive, pursed -lipped, utterly annoying lady breathing down my neck for no apparant reason. I just hope she won't be unbearable enough to make up for it next week.

The only bad thing about this week is that I'm made jealous by the fact that half of the people who work here are on vacation and I only get five measley days the whole year. *sigh* Alas. Oh well, I'm getting one very soon for a preliminary float down the Oostanaula River in preparation for a canoe trip NERA has planned for August. I'm very much looking forward to it, especially if they let me bring Corey along (aka The Gentleman - I've been dating him too long to continue with the code names). I've never been down the river and it'll be really nice to actually know what the guys are talking about when they mention certain areas.

Also, the 4th is coming up and Corey is keen to find us some kick-ass fireworks. I can't even remember the last time I got to see fireworks with a good man. I don' know what it is about fireworks that's so...well...romantic I guess. Maybe it's one time when both people are like children and letting all the "surface cool" slide off. Hm. Anyway, all I know is that I'm really looking forward to it and I don't care where we see them as long as he's there.

Speaking of Corey, he was out of town for a couple of days on business, which continues to blow his mind, because he (like myself) hasn't had any experience with the ellusive business trip until now. In any case, it was an odd couple of days. You'd have thought he'd gone off to war or something. I really missed him and he seemed to really miss me. It was different for me because I'm usually ecstatic to have a couple days to myself to get stuff done. I got stuff done in this case, but I missed him a whole hell of a lot while I was doing my thing. I assume this is a good sign.

Until the 4th though, I'm still installed in receptionist/accounts payable hell, but at least I'll have this week to prove to my boss that I work so much better when the office manager isn't here. Maybe then he'll help me out and tell her to lay off.

Here's some more Tom Waits (get over it, he rules) - "Eyeball Kid" in honor of a conversation that took place yesterday afternoon.


  1. You and Sarah need to hookup so you can compare bosses. A little venting might do you good. :)

  2. Yeah for J-fer getting a week from boss lady from hell. But, alas the dilemma of next weekend. Poor J-fer. At least you have a day off coming up soon :) Use that one to the best of your ability. hehe


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