Monday, June 11, 2007


Cause everything is free now, that's what I say
No one's gotta listen to the words in my head
Someone hit the big score, I figured it out
And I'm gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn't pay

Do you ever get to that point where you just can't get to where you think you're headed soon enough? Well, that's where I am.

Work is driving me batshit right now, which is just absurd considering how easy this job is. But now all of a sudden they want me to be Queen Mother to all the service men who don't particularly want to be mothered. So I tell them where to go, but they go someplace else anyway or they whine and complain about it until I wear them down. So like high school students. I just can't wait to be done with my MT certification so I can just sit and type all day without being bothered or forced to answer the phone or corral unruly, arrogant AC/HVAC Service Techs.

I'm also good and ready to get going on my book again. I've had a hard time staying focused the last six or so months, and I just don't know where to go from where I left off. But it's time to start figuring all that out. I've got a novel to finish, damn it!!

And while I've got a break from classes, I'm going to catch up with some reading and work on my vocabulary some. One thing that comes from dating a man like The Gentleman is the occasional need for a dictionary when he speaks. I keep up with him really well most of the time, but he's used a few words that I KNOW I should be more familiar with. That and it'll keep my writing and my brain from stagnating.

So there's all that swimming around in my head - the desire to be surrounded by scholars and to be a scholar again as opposed to being surrounded by rednecks and being every other girl in Gordon County. *sigh* Sometimes I wish I could have managed the whole teaching thing, but then I'd probably be even more miserable than I am now in my work. Not that I'm all that miserable. I just feel....lazy I guess.

On top of this, there's a little bit of a hitch concerning The Gentleman. No, no, everything is still great between us (better than great even), but it's not great between him and a friend of his. I understand what the friend is worried about because it's happened to me. My best friend started dating someone and all of a sudden I didn't hear from him for weeks at a time. Then he married the girl and now I speak to him maybe once every three to four months.

The Gentleman's friend is afraid that he'll forget about their friendship and spend all his time with me. Which I wouldn't allow anyway. A man's friends are part of him, so you have to get used to it. If you're lucky, they'll love you and you'll love them. I'm just about certain that I'll get along famously with the friend considering all The Gentleman has told me. We just have to keep the friend from having another episode of vitriol against my poor sweet Gentleman who is being a thousand times more conscientious about this than my best friend ever was.

But apparently this may be resolved soon. I think the friend may be chilling out a little and I think at some point this week or this weekend, I'll actually be able to hang out with them. We'll see.

Other than that, The Gentleman front is just...well...friggin' fabulous. I'm barely able to express just how fabulous. But maybe that's another blog for another day.

Here's some Gillian Welch - Just because she's wonderful and I love this song: Caleb Meyer


  1. Sadly, I can relate to the Gentleman's friend who is concerned about not hering from the Gentleman. I have a good friend here in Columbia who completely drops all of us when she has found a man to date or even somebody to pursue. Then we don't hear from her until the breakup happesn or the interest wanes. Then there's my buddy Dave in Charlotte who completely dropped friends he had had for 12 years after meeting his current wench. But hope this doesn't become a wrench in your relationship with the Gentleman.

  2. I don't think it will. Apparantly the friend has chilled out a little. :^) And I know he won't dump me in favor of his friends and I won't let him dump his friends in favor of me. The same thing has happened to me too.

  3. Big words should be reserved for writing. That way, I can put the book (or blog) down and yank up at a moment's notice. I believe people that use big words in mixed company are just looking to fluff their ego.

  4. maybe so, but I love words anyway and it's interesting to learn their etymologies and kind of come to a more complete understanding of what a word really means


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