Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photo Blog Preview

Yeah, I'm a big blogging blockhead (alliteration is fun) and I have sadly neglected my poor little blog. But I've finally got some pics edited and ready to post once I'm able to get my laptop and myself somewhere with a WiFi connection. In the meantime, I do have a couple pics here. One was taken by Krishna, and the other is just...well...entertaining.

Here it is - one of maybe five or six total pictures I have of Corey. Yeah, Krishna got us with our mouths full. Thanks. :^p

I saw this pic of Ryan Adams doing his Rob Halford impression on a message board. He's so silly - but you've got to give him props for not taking himself too seriously.

Will be doing a proper blog very soon. And I mean it this time.


  1. No problem honey. Always glad to catch you with your mouth full :)

  2. I agree, there is not enough alliteration in the world.


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