Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring's A-Comin'

And I'm thrilled. I really hate hot weather, but I hate a lull even more. And everything has been in a lull lately.

But all that seems to be changing, thank goodness. The season is shrugging off its overcoat and coming out to play. And it's about damn time. Suddenly everything seems to be waking up, including me.

My brian has been sparking with ideas for my books and stories ever since I started working on my little inspiration project, Corey and I are getting geared up for a lot of hiking and our little vacation in April. I've only got one more quarter left of classes after this one (THANK GOD), and suddenly I'm energized. I'm itching to do some spring cleaning, I feel the need to get rid of some stuff, and I want to discover new things and ideas and moments.

It's a-comin' y'all. Hope you're ready for it. :^)

By the way, new post on my live journal if you're so inclined.

Yay Spring!

1 comment:

  1. Hot weather sucks.

    Won't be much longer and I'll be sweating my nads off on the motorcycle again. *sigh*


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