Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just a Brief Word on the Smokies

Corey and I had an absolute blast last weekend. It was the perfect way to celebrate our birthdays and our anniversary.

For some reason, however, I just don't feel like divulging any details really. Not that the details are all that graphic or boring. I just don't feel like it. Call it laziness, call it whatever you will.

Just a few points of interest and a couple pics:

1. If you're staying somewhere with a hot tub and you start coughing from all the chlorine fumes in the tub, don't stay in for four hours.

2. Don't drink half a bottle of Gentleman Jack in a hot tub with too much chlorine (see #1).

3. Chlorine burn sucks (see #s 1&2)

4. If the description of the trail says "Easy to Moderate" NEVER count on it being more easy than moderate.

5. Grown men will squeal like girls if surprised by two King snakes impersonating rattle snakes.

6. Stay away from the trail edge if it's covered in leaves.

7. Log cabins in the middle of nowhere really are marvelous vacation spots (despite and even because of creeks you have to ford to get there).

8. McKay's Used Books and CDs is the happiest place on earth.

9. 30 is not so bad.

10. My boyfriend is the coolest man in the world.

There were pretty flowers everywhere. :^)
Corey might decide to hibernate.
Have Booney hat and water shoes, will travel.
Obligitory kissy pic.


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  2. Grown men might, but real men don't. :P

  3. Hey! Don't be dissing my man.


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