Monday, May 19, 2008

Pimpin' My Ride

Such that it is, anyway.

Now that my little car is on the mend and running better (though not perfectly), I've decided it's time to really show her a good time. It seems a shame to spend that much money on her and have her still look pitiful. When I get my state tax refund, I'm going to put most, if not all of it towards my little car.

Step 1 - Take her to Appleshine and get her washed inside and out - I'm talking a wax and Windex for the windshield, the works.

Step 2 - Get new wiper blades. The ones she has now are pitiful.

Step 3 - Accessorize! Seat covers to cover the less-than-lovely upholstery, a steering wheel cover to prevent further funkiness of the wheel, new floor board mats (because the old ones are NASTY), and a lovely scented thingy to hang from the rearview - or something. She still smells like cigarette smoke - ick.

Step 4 - Tuneage. It may be a little while before this happens, but I'm sick and tired of the trunk-mounted CD changer constantly skipping and I'm sick of being forced to listen to crappy radio all the time - so I called a car audio shop in town and got an idea of cost for replacing the radio and getting an in-dash CD player. It wasn't nearly as bad as I feared it might be, so that's going to be done after I make a couple payments on my credit card.

I'm hoping that I can manage to be a better car owner. I've been very negligent of my little chariot, and it's up and bitten me in the ass a couple times. It's time to be nice and hope for no further ass bites.

I'm still slightly obsessed with Nick Cave, so here's "Do You Love Me?" He's such a badass.

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