Monday, November 1, 2010

So It Begins

Now it's November and the enormity of 50,000 words before December has hit home.  That's a lot of damn words.  But I suppose I got off to a good start.  I haven't done my writing for the day, but last night (after midnight, so I'm counting it, kids) I wrote about seven half pages worth of a scene further down the line.  I'll probably rewrite it when I get to it again (I'm going to attempt to stay in order), but the idea wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to write it last night.  That's how it has to be done lest I forget everything.

I haven't counted the words.  I'll save that for when I type it later.  I always handwrite first, then type and edit the first draft at the same time.  It's easier to concentrate with a pen in hand and it's easier to be brutal to your writing when you're typing and have all the powers of cut and paste at your fingertips.

I suspect the cigar bar will see a great deal of me this month since my brand new desk top will be away having its integrated video card replaced (this has caused much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth, but I'm over it now - kind of).  I love to write in public places simply because it gives you enough distraction to keep yourself sane, but not so much that you can't plug in your headphones and ignore the mess around you.  Plus the mess can sometimes serve as excellent inspiration.  Lots of brainwaves flying around helps too, I think. 

50,000 words, I shall write you and make you my bitch.  That's a promise.

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