Monday, November 15, 2010

8497 - Way Behind

So I'm over my fit and I realize I really need to get cracking.  This one part is taking me way too long to write, but it's winding down and hopefully from there it will get quicker. 

Micah and I had to properly prepare for the new Harry Potter movie by indulging our mutual laziness with a years 1-6 marathon.  Was totally worth lounging around all weekend, but the time has come for action. 

I've come near to admitting that this nanowrimo challenge is not meant for writers like me, but I accepted this personal challenge, so I have to at least attempt to see it through.  Hopefully I'll find myself in a proper place to bust out 10,000 words in a couple days.  I've done it before and I'm perfectly capable of doing it again.  Now I just have to get my mind right and steamroll through the rest of this long and arduous section of the novel. 

It's rainy and gross here today, which tends to be prime writing conditions.  Bring me the magic, O Muse.

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