Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Lag

Front door's shut
Back door too
Blind's pulled down
What you gonna do

It's just like jet lag (I assume) in that you have no idea of what time it is - only in the case of holiday lag, you're missing an entire day. Kinda messes with you a bit. But it's completely worth it as I'm sure 99.9% of the world would agree.

Twas a very full weekend, and as usual did not last as long as I really would have liked. But it was enough to throw me off a bit. And it probably will be throwing me off all week. All four days of it. :^)

Friday night, I dragged The Gentleman to Cartersville to see some musician friends of mine play. It was really wonderful, especially since I haven't seen most of those folks in a really long time. The amazing Gary Greene was there of course; as well as my friend Montie who now lives in Pennsylvania; and another old-school Coffee Shop buddy, Andrew. The whole show would have been a lot better had I been able to hear them playing better. They had no PA and there were a lot of people and a lot of kids about making noise and talking too loud. *sigh* Oh well. But I did get to hear Gary play his own and a couple John Prine tunes, and Montie played her really spectacular cover of "Romeo and Juliet." Even though she does the Indigo Girls version as opposed to the original Dire Straits version. Montie is the only person who can sing it that way without me begging to hear Mark Knofler instead. It was really beautiful and I'd forgotten what a remarkable singer she is.

The Gentleman I think made a pretty good impression (although Montie now agrees that we need to work on his handshake). Andrew and he have a love and knowledge of plays and theater in common, so they were able to talk on terms of great equality. Montie and he didn't really speak much, but Montie did insist on giving him a hug (I assume as opposed to the afore-mentioned handshake). The Gentleman was particularly fond of Gary (anyone who doesn't at least respect the man obviously has no soul), and I'm sure would love to see him more.

All in all, it was a really good night. I was a little concerned at Andrew's behavior. I don't know if he was just tired or what, but he seemed very stand-offish, and looked as if he wanted to do anything but talk to me. I don't know. Anyway, The Gentleman and I are planning on going to see Andrew's theater company's newest production at the Sunday matinee, so maybe that will make up for whatever it is that has offended him.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon visiting with my folks. My brother and sister-in-law came up for the afternoon since my folks were keeping my niece (the other brother's offspring) for the weekend. We just visited and went to see my grandmother and had supper. But it was good to see them, even if Mom and Daddy are still being grumps. At least they were a great deal less grumpy since Lydia was around.

Sunday, I saw dear sweet Adam and his dear sweet little boy while The Gentleman went on a brief hiking trip with some friends. It was really good to hang out with Adam. We had lunch and stayed talking at the restaurant for a good two or three hours before his son got a little restless. So I went with them to a nearby playground so Adam's little boy could blow of some steam. He's a good kid, and I'm so proud of Adam for being such a good dad. He really has raised a great kid. We didn't see each other for so long, but Adam and I have always been really good friends, and we're good at taking each other's crap. Sometimes I really wish he lived closer by. Oh well.

Yesterday was wonderful. Because we did absolutely nothing useful. The Gentleman and I just hung around my apartment watching movies (he liked my movies) and getting a good buzz on before two p.m. We have such a good time together. We don't even have to do anything. It's wonderful.

Anyway, now that the weekend's over, it's nice to think that this is a short week. Plus, tonight is my last night of Document Processing. Because I've finished all my assignments, the instructor is going to let me go ahead and take the last test - and then I'll be done. And I'll only have two more Anatomy class periods to go. I'm so ready for this quarter to be over. *swoon*

And now, because I love this friggin' song, here's the Dire Straits version of "Romeo and Juliet":


  1. You STILL haven't said anything about the handshake? tsk-tsk!

  2. Sounds like Aunt J-fer had a great weekend. The and shake will come in time. How was Gary? I MISS HIS MUSIC! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend. I've almost worn out those CDs you left with me when you came down :)

  3. The handshake issue will be brought to light before he meets the folks - I'll just tell him to shake Daddy's hand FIRMLY.

    Gary was great!


  4. The handshake thing can be very important. When I was a newspaper reporter I could tell a lot about people from their handshakes. Bottom line: cold-fish limp handshakes meant lousy quotes.

    this is Christina by the way...

  5. and by the way the Indigo Girls do a great version of Romeo and Juliet, which you probably already know. So does Edwin McCain (acoustic version) although I can't listen to his version because it makes me cry my eyes out.

  6. Yayyyy!!! Christina!

    You're right about the handshake though - he must be taught. But everything else about him is just soooo...lovely.

  7. Hey....thanks for the compliments. You're too kind. I was happy to see you. You guys totally should have come over to my mom's afterwards, but I understand.

    As far as "Romeo & Juliet," I prefer Dire Straits version as well. Mark Knopfler is a freakin genius...but the Indigo Girls version is easier to play...much much easier, and yanno, i'm a woman, so that makes that one easier to cover as well.

    THanks for coming to hang out though, and the hug was far better than the handshake....which seriously may be one of the weakest I've ever felt.


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