Monday, May 14, 2007

Tom Waits is Even Better When You're Dancing with a Man Who Knows the Lyrics

The bats are in the belfry
the dew is on the moor
where are the arms that held me
and pledged her love before

Yep, it's all fluffy bunnies and happy flowers with The Gentleman and I. I'm still afraid of when the skeletons in his closet are going to jump out at me, though. He's such a decent man, but I'm terrified that I'm missing some gigantic red flag. Maybe I'm just shell-shocked and he really is as remarkable as I think he is.

I only got to see him Saturday, but we spent most of the day together. We went to Rome for lunch and just walked around Broad Street and the Pedestrian Bridge and along the river (looking for more turtles). It was really a lovely day. Well, except for the suspicious ribbon of some cloudy something in the river (grrrrr...).

After a while, we decided to give the new Starbucks in Rome a spin. Yes, Rome has a Starbucks now. And it went up in like...three hours. It hadn't been long at all since the last time I drove through there, but all of a sudden, there's a Starbucks. Are they inflatable or something? Anyway, the folks there were really nice (I wonder how long that will last), and my Chai Latte was pretty good. I still don't like their burnt coffee, but oddly enough, we heard two more Tom Waits songs at the Starbucks (yes, Krishna, Tom Waits at the Starbucks!!). When we got back to Calhoun, I made him supper. He really loved my chard, brown rice, chicken stuff. :^) In any case, kinda sounds dull, but as usual, it was wonderful.

Other points of note for my weekend: My mom really liked the Gift Certificate from Mother Nature's Eden that I got for her Mother's Day present. I'm glad she did, but man, she and my Daddy are making it rough for me to enjoy visiting them lately. A couple of big ole' grumps all the time!! But Mom has some reason to be a grump, I reckon. She's worn out from taking care of Grandmother and from her allergies and whatnot, and she lets stuff get to her way too much. Daddy....well, Daddy's just Daddy - a 61-year-old man who complains like an 80-year-old. *sigh* I wish they'd both just chill out a little.

I also got a new cell phone. I hadn't intended to get one. I went to Rome Friday as The Gentleman had made pre-Jennifer plans with some friends to see what he called a "noise show" in Atlanta - he said it was pretty interesting. Anyway, I just felt like shopping. I decided to stop off at the Verizon store to see if my "New Every Two" thing had come due, and the lady said it had. I looked down at my little phone with its obnoxious orange blob in the middle of the screen. The blob had been there since the phone was a month old (pressure damage isn't covered by warrenty, apparantly) and I just never got around to getting it replaced. The $50 I would have spent on the deductable always seemed to belong elsewhere. So my friends always received text messages that seemed to be written in pig Latin. In any case, I figured "why not" and went ahead and got a super spanky new-fangled phone. I got the LG Chocolate one - the one that's an MP3 player too. I reckon it was about time for me to join the 21st Century. I even got the cool red one.

Well, that was my weekend, such that it was. And today actually isn't as bad as Mondays go because The Gentleman is going to take me for supper tonight. :^) He's such a doll. *sigh* *giggle*

So Here's some more Tom Waits. One of my favorites of his in usual unusual Tom Waits video form. So sue me, we had a moment with this song.


  1. Point 1: I hate you. I want a Chocolate. Do you like it?
    Point 2: TOM WAITS IN STARBUCKS? HOLY HELL! When did the plebeians at Starbucks become musically cultured? What songs were did you hear?
    Point 3: Don't worry about the 'rents. Mine do the same thing and I'm like "yes Steve" "no Steve".
    Point 4: I'm SO happy you like dude. He gets bonus points from Krishna here. Did you guys find any turtles Saturday?
    Point 5: When the fluck did Rome get a genuine Starbucks?

  2. I think I want the Chocolate, but I'm not really into all the features. Don't use my phone for entertainment... but I can always find a way to entertain myself... (ok, minds out of the gutter!)

  3. Is this pedestrian bridge?

  4. Krishna - :^p - neener neener!! ;^) I love my spanky new phone. I feel so...technologically capable. Didn't find any turtles. :^( Yes! I couldn't believe the Tom Waits in the Starbucks (like I said, I think they just inflated it and all of a sudden Rome has a Starbucks). They were both from Orphans, but neither Corey nor I have listened to it enough to recognize particular songs.

    Adam - Well, you already have an IPod too, don't you? I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone - spanky new phone as well as spanky new MP3 player. :^)

    Aaron - yep, that's the pedestrian bridge. I love that bridge. :^)


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