Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Trying Very Hard not to Freak Out

I'm in a bit of a tizzy lately. I just took my final for my MT certification, and my employers knew I was almost finished. They know I'm leaving as soon as I find a job. It's also in the middle of summer and I work for an AC/HVAC company. Filling in the blanks yet?

Long story short, the company I work for is already looking for my replacement. Which makes me really afraid that I'm going to be booted out of here as soon as we get somebody trained. So now I'm freaking out. I HAVE to find a job SOON. And I have to look and apply to most of these positions online, so I have to get internet at home now. I'm just so worried I'm going to get this internet service, have all these bills and debts to pay, and then lose my job before I can find a new one.

Someone please reassure me or give me a transcription job.

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  1. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier and reassure you! Wish I knew the first damn thing about the transcription racket; I'd be happy to help you network.

    Have you talked specifically to your current employers about their plans? Maybe you could tell them you're just going to sit on that degree until Fall. Or something like that.

    Meanwhile, does your MT school have a placement service?

    Sending you job hunting and relaxation vibes!


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