Monday, April 12, 2010

I Wrote this little bit Saturday night

I think/hope the person it's about (the last part anyway) reads this blog.  If you still do, you know who you are.  :^)

She and this girl had come to the same conclusion at the same time.  I'm better than this...but I won't pretend I'm not going to visit from time to time. 

It wasn't about where she lived anymore, but where she was.  And this young girl knew it too.  But at least she has time to enjoy and hate the lessons learned.  Time to allow it to mold who she really is. 

I've already been there.

Done that.

Time to take her place where she belonged.  With someone who already knew and cared what she wanted and what she was.  The throwback.  Throwback being such a harsh term, she didn't like it.  Because he was better than a throwback.

Four years and two miserable wake-up calls later, maybe they were both ready to grow up.  Together this time.  They would never allow each other to sell out in the process of grabbing hold of their lives.  They'll pick out the most colorful pieces and weave them together with their baby blankets and prom pieces.  That vital self-knowledge that comes with age will serve them as long as they pay it heed.

Why stay so young when you know you'll never allow yourself to fade away?

So she said goodbye and I'll see you sincerely.  But she carried away a much lighter heart.

(copyright 2010)

What do y'all think?


  1. I really like this post. I do not like to read much I love to write but I must admit I really do like what I have read so far on your blog. it does not bore me. I hope you go far.

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  3. It is a little bit of a tease...a little obscure. You have something more you want to say... are you being shy or coy? There is a great core in it...develop it more.


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