Monday, April 19, 2010

This is What's Wrong with the World

So of course last week I posted a link to so that folks might vote for  my blog and perhaps draw more readers.

Since then, my simple little blog has been bombarded by spam comments.  This irks me to no end.  It's amazing to me how opportunistic punks will do their best to penetrate the smallest chink to try to get you to buy their service, their crap, their whatever.  I know it's just the way of things and I'm used to this kind of bullshit, but the fact that it exists just sometimes makes me want to scream.

I'm not trying to make any money off anything.  If I do anything, I'll monetize for a few cents to keep my bank account for getting overdrawn.  I have no dream that blogging could make me rich.  I don't even want to be rich.  I just want to be comfortable and have some fun sometimes. 

It just hurts me very deeply that my silly little ramblings have been thus polluted just when it starts to get a small following.  It makes the satisfaction less enjoyable. 

So, thanks to the bots and spammers, I've changed my comment settings.  You'll have to punch in the code and I have to approve them all.  I hope this doesn't deter anyone (a REAL person who might actually want to read my blog) from commenting.  I do enjoy comments. 

Much luck in your own blogging endeavors.  Maybe together somehow we can fight these blood-sucking leeches who prowl the blogsphere.


  1. I hope the new protocols won't deter anyone -- I'm used to that procedure, so it won't bother me at all! Those of us who just want a place to share, a place to commune, and opportunity to interact with those we might never find or meet otherwise shouldn't have to deal with the nonsense ... and yet, that's the way the cyber world is, isn't it ...?

  2. Good for you. Glad you are taking the necessary precautions.

  3. hey, the world is full of just take a chill pill n cheer up=)

  4. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  5. Nothing personal; but expecting 30 or 40 million people to all "behave themselves" might be a bit much to ask, don't you think? I'm just saying... Great blog, by the way! :-)

  6. Ah yes...comments must be filtered on my blogs too. Write and write more and let the blog be found and if not, write more.

    I just wandered in I will go read and see what you write when you aren't pushed out of shape by the spammy whammy folks.

  7. Just found my way here, and totally agree with you...fight the power!

  8. I wish you luck. I hate spammers. We have our writings here to enjoy and get feed back not adds or garbage. I hope you will check my blog too. I have lots of poetry I write. It is a form of release for me. Thanks for your writings and best of luck in everything.


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